About Us

Lily-Beau is a luxury, designer womenswear retailer. Created and designed by Lillie Gregg, the collection focuses on providing high quality, stylish pieces to a global audience. Since launching in 2015, Lily-Beau is fast becoming a leading retailer for women’s luxury fashion, and Lillie works with her team to provide an easy and unforgettable online shopping experience.

Our Mission

Lily-Beau is changing the way that fashion works for women. Offering several different styles and design options for all occasions from tailoring and structure to statement and staple wardrobe pieces, Lily-Beau aims to bring current trends straight from the catwalks and place them directly in front of our audience, with a signature Lily-Beau twist.

The Designs

The brand is currently expanding with new designs and creations being added soon. The current collection is our master collection and the designs are inspired by Lillie’s own personal style. It is these designs that are making the brand world famous.